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Robotturn SwissTek A7/A7M Series

X1-Y-Z1-C1-X2-Z2-C2 with driven tools and subspindle


SwissTek A7 - With Sub-Spindle - Φ12


SwissTek A7 - With Sub-Spindle - Φ20


SwissTek A7 - With Sub-Spindle - Φ26

SwissTek’s best-selling A7-series machines

SwissTek’s best-selling A7-series machines have been relaunched with 3 different models using a common platform and a comprehensive range of tool holders compatible with other models.

The new A7 offers increased flexibility with up to 32 tool capability.

Another major feature is the ability to switch between guide bushing type and non-guide bushing type. This feature is provided as standard; the guide bushing can be fitted or removed very quickly with a simple operation.

The A7 can be used as a regular guide bushing type lathe when machining long, thin workpieces and as a guide bushing-less type reducing material wastage. Increased main spindle size reduces material wastage and bar preparation requirement. Oversized options are available for up to 25mm ( soon 32mm available) diameter material.

The SwissTek-A7, an evolving 7-Axis CNC sliding head machine, furthers the quest for cost and performance, featuring the ability to switch between guide bush and non-guide bush types.

  • New capability to switch between guide bush and none-guide bush operating modes.
  • The A7-series is capable of machining bar stock up to ø25mm (soon upgrade to 32 mm).

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