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High precision powerful direct drive spindle motors with forced oil cooling

NO Belt drive - High speed acceleration and deceleration

10.000 rpm spindle speed standard for all SwissTek Machines

Advanced Spindle Technology

The built-in spindle design reduces centrifugal force effect and restrains spindle vibration,
which increases the spindle life span and improves long-term machining accuracy.

Water Cooled spindle Motors

Buils in spindles with constant temperature control

Hybrid Guide Bush

Convertible to Chucker in Minutes

The flexibility of the Swisstek Series is enhanced by its ability to switch between Guide Bush Mode (Swiss type) and Non Guide Bush Mode. With the rough material chucking option, a user can easily convert the SwissTek series to run without the guide bushing.  For parts with less overhang (machining length less than 3 times the bar diameter ), the rough material chucking option allows the main spindle to extend into the cutting area.

This added capability lowers running costs by leaving a shorter bar remnant and allowing the use of less expensive non-ground bar

Changing from one configuration to another only takes minutes, allowing the user to choose to run the machine either with or without guide bushing as the needs change. A special interfacing mechanical design of guide bush can be mounted or dismounted based on the actual situation. It is more flexible in use and save cost on facility and space in the factory.

With Guide Bush
Without Guide Bush
Suitable for long bar work-piece: increased precision

Suitable for short workpieces : reduced losses

Broken tool detection - Perfect detection for small tool breakage

Checks broken tools, taps and drills before destroying next tool

Easy removable coolant tank and chip conveyor for cleaning - Independant from Machine

No thermal contact with coolant and Machine bed : Thermal much more stable production.

Chip Conveyor

Oversized and easy removable for cleaning

Quality 3m automatic Barfeeder

Iemca Steady 320 hydrodynamic automatic barfeeder